Our Mission

We at Tifra are determined to deploy our cutting-edge technological solutions and highly-skilled technical support team to achieve the optimal output for your needs and execute it flawlessly. Our end goal is to foster a base of satisfied clientele and build a service relationship that outlives our own product life cycle.

Our Vision

Shaping more and more into reality, our prospects for the future involve a deep-rooted network of clients and connectivity throughout the nation that penetrates all barriers. We strive to stand as a backbone to the telecom terrain of all significant network trees

that bind our people together. We aim to build bridges that surpass geographic

blockades and connect people better than ever before.


About TIFRA Enterprises

TIFRA Enterprises is a growing B2B telecom company aiming to upscale the technological landscape of the communication industry. The company has evolved into a comprehensive service provider equipped to tackle specialized network problems with efficient and innovative solutions. Welcome to the one-stop solution for all your telecommunication needs.

Our Services

Tifra Enterprises offers a comprehensive range of services that cover all of your networking needs. Our shining tech team is well-equipped with dealing with projects of various scales and can implement the most efficient solution as per your specific requirements. Our services pan across Free Space Optics, Transmission, RF Services, OFC services & Professional services.


Free Space Optics

CENTAURI Next-Generation Point-To-Point Laser Communications Infrastructure Combines 10 Gbps Speed With The Security Of Fiber Optic Cable.


SONET is an abbreviation for synchronous optical network. It offers cost-effective transport both in the access area and at the core of the network.

OFC Services

TIFRA is known for its consistent relationships with its partners, and we have only been able to maintain those due to our impeccable follow-up services.

RF Services

The Base Station Subsystem(BSS) comprises a base transceiver station and a controller that facilitates long-distance transmission.

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