The Base Station Subsystem(BSS) comprises a base transceiver station and a controller that facilitates long-distance transmission. Site acquisition and installation could be quite a hassle in the urban landscape. Tifra has decades of experience in BSS installations across the country and harbours resources that are more than adequate for wide-scale projects.

Microwave Transmission

A technology that is quickly going obsolete on a global scale, but nonetheless holds a place in our books. An art that we have been carrying forth for several decades has proven to strengthen our bases in the nooks and corners of the country.


Load balancing Routing and Universal broadband routing are both viable options to set up your wireless output. Find the best possible solutions to fire up an entire building with an uninterrupted and stable internet connection. Do not let technical challenges in operations abruptly affect your workflow. Enjoy seamless Wi-Fi setups either for domestic or wide-scale usage at low fixed costs and upkeep.